Merck Serono is closing down its Geneva HQ

Join your colleagues at the General Meeting of Merck Serono’s employees! (Please note that the venue of the meeting has changed!)

Article 335f of the Code des obligations (which is the basis of Swiss labour laws) states that:

1) In case of mass redundancy, employers are required to consult the representatives of the employees, or in their absence, the employees;

2) Employers have to give employees the possibility of making suggestions so as to avoid redundancies or limiting their extent and to alleviate their consequences


In order to have an effective consultation of the workers, it is imperative to get organised so as to defend your rights collectively. Our trade-union, Unia, is willing to stand behind you and together we can fight for your rights and your dignity.


Friday’s meeting will deal with the following points:

1) To give all the necessary information

2) To decide the appropriate measures to be taken collectively with Unia

3) To define our demands

4) To decide our first collective actions

 Confronted to the greed of Merck Serono’s management, only your presence en masse and your resoluteness can make a difference.


General Meeting of Merck Serono’s employees

Friday 27 April 2012 at 5.30 pm

Salle communale des Asters, Rue de la Servette 100, 1202 Geneva


For further information: – 022 949 12 00 – geneve[at]